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UDP Cloud Hybrid

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UDP Aplliance

UDP Cloud Hybrid

Cloud data protection that delivers agility and cost savings

Many organizations want cloud backup and disaster recovery to reduce costs without increasing RPOs and RTOs. However, the cost and complexity of purchasing and managing multiple solutions often makes robust cloud data protection unattainable.

Only Arcserve empowers organizations to complete their data availability strategy with a seamless means to achieve disaster recovery and business continuity with the ArcserveĀ® Cloud.

UDP Aplliance
UDP Aplliance

A single solution to safeguard your vital business data

Offered as a service extension to Arcserveā€™s award-winning Unified Data Protection (UDP) platform, the Arcserve Cloud gives organizations the choice and flexibility they need to manage the scope of their environment.

Whether protecting cloud, virtual, or physical infrastructures, small and overstretched IT teams effectively address their current and future data protection needs without vendor limitations or forklift upgrades.

The benefits of the Arcserve Cloud go beyond basic cloud data protection, with remarkably powerful capabilities that enable small & overstretched IT teams to:

Confirm RTOs, RPOs, and SLAs with fully-automated disaster recovery testing and application-level recovery

Radically reduce bandwidth and backup storage requirements with true global deduplication and compression

Secure vital business data with SSAE16-certified data centers and 256-bit AES data encryption at the source, in flight, and at rest

Ensure data availability with remote virtual standby for emergency application failover and failback, and manual triggered failover to remote resources

Manage all business data from a single, elegantly simple user console. With complete visibility into your data ecosystem, you can efficiently track cloud usage, schedule backups, and manage restores and failover/failback

Move beyond basic cloud backup

Disaster recovery as a service

Store vital business data for disaster recovery without the cost and maintenance of dedicated hardware, racking, power, and IT resources or maintaining another third-party contract. Users may also spin up a virtual machine in the Arcserve Cloud for fast failover and failback.

Offsite data retention

Leverage cloud storage for long-term data storage, instead of maintaining local magnetic media or leveraging a third party to meet compliance requirements.

Disaster recovery testing

Easily test application failover at any time without expensive infrastructure, thereby ensuring data recovery plan efficiency and accuracy.

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