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UDP Software

The only backup and recoverysoftware to simplify your IT infrastructure

Today’s organisations need to be able to their access data—when and where it’s needed— across a diverse range of systems and applications.

With Arcserve UDP, small and over-stretched IT teams can protect to and from any target while configuring and managing all aspects of data protection through a single, elegantly simple user console. As business needs change, easily turn on high-performance capabilities without burdensome forklift upgrades or layering on additional point solutions.

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UDP Software

How much data can you afford to lose?

Many organizations have adopted virtualization and cloud-based storage with the intent to simplify and optimize cost-savings, but the reality is that most IT teams still need to support legacy systems.

The key to ensuring system resiliency—regardless of where your data resides—is to unify and consolidate your data protection. That means one backup and recovery software solution that guarantees data availability across your varied storage platforms.

Arcserve UDP brings enterprise power to small and over-stretched IT teams, delivering fortified capabilities that eliminate the need for any other data protection solution:

Protect both virtual and physical servers with advanced support for Windows and Linux-based applications, and public and private clouds

Increase the speed and agility of recovery with enterprise storage array snapshot support, instant VM recovery, virtual standby, and instant bare metal recovery

Deliver on stringent service level requirements with fully- automated, non-disruptive system availability testing

Reduce backup storage footprints by up to 95%, and benefit from the lowest cost-per-protected TB in the industry with true global deduplication

Prevent data loss with high availability capabilities that deliver real-time server and application monitoring, automatic and push-button failover, automated end-user redirection, and push-button failback functionality

Backup and recovery software that proves power can co-exist with simplicity

An innovative approach

Through a single, highly-intuitive user console, small and over-stretched IT teams configure and manage every aspect of their data availability strategies. Easily deploy and deliver high-performance data protection across all locations, no matter if it’s a data center, office branch, or cloud target.

Accelerate time to value

Unlike other vendors, Arcserve UDP doesn’t require organisations to spend money on extensive and costly professional services. Leverage getting-started wizards and a Unified Product Installer to get up-and-running in minutes. Simply click the features you want and download in one easy step.

Easy to scale

Arcserve’s highly-scalable architecture empowers organisations to grow and evolve without the need to add complex point solutions. As your business changes or the amount of data grows, Arcserve UDP grows with you.

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