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UDP Appliance

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UDP Aplliance

UDP Appliance

Effortlessly address modern IT challenges

Organizations today recognize the benefits of an appliance that bundles software, server processing, storage, and networking into a single, all-in-one solution. The reality, however, is that many appliances deliver nothing more than retrofitted “bundles,” which often limit future scalability and reduce usability.

These organizations require a new breed of technology—a backup and recovery appliance that not only meets modern IT challenges, but makes legacy appliances a relic of the past.

UDP Aplliance
UDP Aplliance

Meet the Arcserve UnifiedData Protection (UDP) Appliance Series

Arcserve combines its award-winning software with enterprise-grade hardware to deliver the most cost-effective, “set it and forget it” appliances that can be unboxed and deployed in 15 minutes.

They’re ideal plug-and-play systems for branch and decentralized offices, or as the primary backup, deduplication, disaster recovery and cloud gateway appliance for organizations with stretched resources.

Small and over-stretched IT teams enjoy all of the robust capabilities of Arcserve UDP software, delivered in a simple, yet remarkably powerful backup and recovery appliance option for physical and virtual systems.

Mitigate data growth challenges with highly- expandable storage capacities and protect up to 240 TBs of raw source data

Radically simplify deployment and usability with an intuitive, wizard-driven setup

Increase resiliency with on-appliance virtual standby, instant failover and bare metal recovery (BMR), high availability, and multi-site WAN-optimized replication

Reduce your backup storage footprint by up to 95%, and benefit from the lowest cost-per-protected TB in the industry with true global deduplication

Easily support business growth with field expansion capabilities, such as the ability to expand storage in-place without changing systems

Backup and recovery appliances built for the cloud

Architected with cloud-native capabilities, the UDP Appliance series goes beyond traditional backup and recovery appliances by delivering WAN-optimized replication to MSPs, the Arcserve® Cloud, and private and public cloud services, including: Amazon, Azure, Eucalyptus and Rackspace. You choose where to send your data to simplify disaster recovery plans.

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At Arcserve, we conquer big IT challenges with even bigger ideas. Which is why, after more than 25 years in the industry, our innovations continue to redefine the way businesses protect their data. To discuss more call Qual:

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